Documentary Project Development Workshop

27 June 2010 Sunday, 10.30 – 18.00
Mithat Alam Film Center, Boğaziçi University

With the aim of bringing together people and organizations interested in documentary filmmaking, in order to contribute to the development of documentary film projects and to incite new cooperations, DOCUMENTARIST is organizing a Documentary Project Development Workshop in collaboration with docIstanbul Center for Documentary Studies and Mithat Alam Film Center.

Objective of this workshop is to create an environment that seldom exists in the region, that would open up space for sharing projects that are still in development phase with people of interest and experience in the field. Such an environment will contribute to the development of existing projects and future ones, in light of constructive criticism and guidance formed during the workshop. The event will take place with the participation of people working in the field of documentary cinema and production, representatives from media institutions and observer participants, along with the owners of the selected projects.

The workshop will be composed of sessions that focus on 3 selected projects, where the projects and opportunities of production will be discussed, following short presentations of the films. The sessions will take place with the mentorship and moderation of Can Candan, Berke Baş and Elif Ergezen.

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