Master Class: Eyal Sivan

26 June, 11 am-14 am, Tütün Deposu

Eyal Sivan, filmmaker, producer and essayist, was born in Haifa Israel in 1964. After working as a professional photographer in Tel-Aviv, he left Israel and settled in Paris in 1985. He directed a dozen of feature-length political documentaries (including “Aqabat-Jaber, Passing Through”, “Izkor: Slaves of Memory”, “Route 181: Fragments of a Journey in Palestine-Israel”, etc.) and produced many others. His cinematographic works were shown in prestigious festivals such as Berlinale, Toronto, IDFA, Cinéma du Réel, Sunny Side, SFIFF, San Sebastian, Leipzig, as well as in exhibitions worldwide, where they were awarded various prizes. Sivan who was the honorary guest of IDFA in 2009 has recently completed his last film “Jafa, the Orange's Clockwork'.

“In my 25 years of documentary practice I’ve tried to elaborate a use of the documentary cinema as tool of historical (re)vision, hegemonic discourse, challenging collective memory. In this master class I will try to elaborate on the relations between the documentary practice and the concept of history (re)vision through a series of examples from my different works. I will expose some key issues such as: Documentary time, perpetrators and victims, archives, montage & manipulation, instrumentalisation of memory and disobedience. In order to try and illustrate the idea of a political-aesthetical documentary project. Through out my filmmaking I kept a tied relation to my birth and education country, Israel. Most of my work is dedicate to the research on Israel society and the Zionist narrative. Previewed long before the Israeli attack on the Free Gaza Flotilla and the crime committed by the Israeli army, in this master class I would like to address on the relation between the documentary filmmaking and its relation to the actuality. On the reflexive role of the documentary practice and the need of elaboration on a image production strategy in the propaganda war lunched by the Israeli government and its alleys around the world.” -Eyal Sivan

(Free admission. Please reserve your seat by e-mailing to: program@documentar-ist.org)