İstanbul: Documenting change

Illustration: Özlem Ölçer

June 23rd, Wednesday, 2 pm-5 pm
Mimarlar Odası, Karaköy Binası Conference Hall

stanbul's new role as a financial center and a service-oriented city that is brought about by the neoliberal transformation in the world since the 1980s, has also brought with it deep spacial and social contradictions. The neoliberal capital that aims to expand by profiting from urban land, coupled with Turkey's class dynamics has created this chaotic megashanty-town. This multi-actor transformation has picked-up speed in recent years with the passage of some critical laws that strengthen its legal foundation.

With its 16 million inhabitants, its blurred borders, it is almost impossible to document or to even photograph the transformation of this metropolis that has grown so large that it nearly swallows its neighbors. As you frame your shot and get ready to push the release, the picture has changed again. In this panel, we will talk about Istanbul's transformation and the efforts to capture it.

İmre Balanlı (Moderator)

Mücella Yapıcı (Architect, Istanbul Chamber of Architects)
"Neo-Liberal Transformation of Istanbul and Resistance to It"

Doç. Dr. Asuman Türkün (Yıldız Technical University)
"Living spaces targeted by urban transformation: Witnesses from six Istanbul Neighborhoods"

Jean François Pelouse (Social urban geographer, MSGSÜ and Toulouse University)
"Stubbornly Documenting the Aspects of the Metropol Persistently Erased by the Dominant Gaze: Looking Beyond the Appearance of Ruin and History"

Fatih Pınar (Photographer, journalist and documentarist)
"Documentary As A Dissident Language"

Belgin Cengiz (Documentary filmmaker)
"Small Town, Big Poverty: Low-income Lives Caught In Urban Transformation and the Process of Documenting Them."