What is Going On in Balkans?

25 June 2010, 12 am-14 am, Akbank Sanat

Establishing cooperation with partners from other countries and finding ways to distribute their films globally is a challenging goal for the new generation of documentary filmmakers in Turkey, as well as for their colleagues from other Balkan countries. This gaol requires a network of Balkan filmmakers, more posibilities for project developing, training and collaboration. A new initiative based in Sofia called Balkan Documentary Center (BDC) is born out of this necessity.
In the pannel 5 distinguished guests from various organizations will discuss several topics regarding the regional collaboration including: The urgency of building bridges in documentary field between the Balkan countries, the methods of working with partners from the region, of creating a distribution network for documentaries throughout the Balkans and of taking part in the global distribution network.
Presentation of the Balkan Documentary Center, Buldoc and AgitProp as well as the most important regional documentary festivals such as Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, DokuFest and Sarajevo Film Festival will follow.

Martichka Bozhilova (Director of Balkan Documentary Center)
Dimitri Eipides (Director of Thessaloniki Documentary Festival & Thessaloniki International Film Festival)
Rada Sesic (Sarajevo Film Festival, curator of the documentary section)
Veton Nurkollari
(Director of DokuFest, Kosovo)
Julio Soto
(Producer and director of "My Beautiful Dacia")
Emel Çelebi (Director)

Martichka Bozhilova Dimitri Eipides
Rada Sesic Veton Nurkollari
Julio Soto